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  1. Balance Beads In 22.5" tires

    Wondering if anyone uses balance beads in Class A tires? Centramatics I hear are good but appear to be about $240 for 2. Thoughts. Thanks
  2. Caterpillar Shop Recommendation: Houston Area

    Sorry, I did not see the last reply. We are in Montgomery, tx.
  3. Caterpillar Shop Recommendation: Houston Area

    Anyone have experience with Holt Cat and heavy equipment in Pflugerville? Appears they are about the closest Spartan/Cat repair facility to me. Thanks
  4. Caterpillar Shop Recommendation: Houston Area

    Elkhartjim. I agree the entire chassis should get a once over but it is a Spartan chassis. I think it is a Spartan Liberty. There could be some issues with the chassis. I can contact Spartan and see who they recommend. I just haven't found any Certified Cat service centers that are eager to do RV work. I own this Fleetwood with my son Chad. Thanks,
  5. Caterpillar Shop Recommendation: Houston Area

    Manholt, I see the mobile guy has a San Antonio number. Is he in the Houston area? I have heard some mixed things about that Cat place on 610. Appreciate any help you can provide. Shame we don't have a really good Cat shop in a place as large as Houston. I have heard S.A. and DFW area has some good shops.
  6. Recent Upgrade To Residential Fridge

    Thank you. It is in a 2007 Fleetwood Revolution 40e. Magnum 2000 I think. Too cold to go back out to the RV shop. Want to stay near the fireplacešŸ˜Ž.
  7. Recent Upgrade To Residential Fridge

    Recently upgraded to residential fridge. Have 2 ac power outlets. Inverter ac and gen/shorepower ac. Installer used inverter. Has anyone installed a transfer between the 2 sources just for the fridge? Mine stays plugged into shore power in RV garage more than we travel ( travel maybe 10 weeks or so a year ). Seems like using the inverter plug is working the inverter and batteries a lot unnecessarily. Also will require more constant monitoring of battery water. Looking for experts thoughts. TIA
  8. Question about Norcold 1210 with ice maker. Not working properly and replacing with a residential unit. Is there a market for used ones? Perfect condition and needs a new cooling unit. If so, what would be the value? Thanks,
  9. 2007 Fleetwood Revolution. One of the contacts on the socket broke while replacing a 1157 bulb with LED bulb my son bought. The housing looks brand new. I found an entire assembly I think online for about $100 plus shipping. Surely someone knows where to get the socket portion. I think it is an original Hamsar STL 200 part 81144. Thanks for any help.
  10. Montana LLC

    Looking for pros and cons on establishing a Montana LLC.
  11. Towing 2015 GMC Acadia

    Have a 2014 Buick Enclave and setting it up to tow. I am curious what you found out. I also have a question about the batt fuses needing pulled. I was trying a series of procedures and discovered I could turn key in between functions allowing tranny be put in neutral and was able to turn key off. All power appears off and the wheel is free to turn and not locked. Is this OK or potentially a risk of breaking something? I duplicated it numerous times with my wife observing. Would be easier and cheaper if I didn't have to install and use the fuse bypass switches. I assume by turning all power off fuses it erases radio memory...etc.??
  12. C9 Oil Consumption Between Changes

    Manholt, I am not sure about that. I topped off 2 weeks ago. Did about 2300 miles and is down about halfway from full to add on stick. I may have to do more research to get you an accurate answer.
  13. C9 Oil Consumption Between Changes

    Thanks for the tips. Bill, I assume you are asking for total on coach, 28,000. We purchased in July 2016 from original owner and it had 21,000 miles. Oil had just been done and we had Allison serviced. We need to change coolant soon. Any other recommendations? Runs great but fuel mileage is poor but not unexpected. Get about 6.5 at 70+ mph or 7.0 at mid to high 60's.
  14. C9 Oil Consumption Between Changes

    2006 C9 chassis in a 2007 Revolution. I noticed I am using about a quart every 2000 miles or so per the dipstick. I read about stick calibration but not quite ready for a change yet. Exhaust looks OK to me. Very brief small amount of light smoke at startup. Keep in shop and see no leaks on the floor. What if anything should be checked? Coach runs great and gets about 7 mpg running 68-70. Thanks